Príbeh GLASH

The story of the GLASH began to be written in 2014. Behind the whole beginning of the company is Michal - a traveler, creative, entrepreneur and lover of fast cars - and Lucka - a fashion maniac, shopaholic and a person with an incredible zest for life. Like every little girl, Lucka had a dream to move in the world of fashion since she was a little girl. So the decision was clear. Together with Michal, they decided to open a fashion e-shop that would make everyone's dreams come true.

The shop that makes dreams come true

Each of us has our own little fashion universe in which we find what we need. What her heart desires the most. So we look for things that will enhance her uniqueness, highlight her outer beauty and help in building the world she has been fighting for for so long. 

Step by step, our small e-shop started to fill up with different pieces of clothing that were meant to capture the diversity of the female world. Because as we know, we women are really different. Even though we all share the fight for the right cause, we have different styles of dressing, different preferences in make-up, we each go to a different hairdresser. And that's also why this original fashion concept was created!

For years, Glash has been trying to bring you new pieces that are the most trendy at the moment, while also being simple and easy to mix and match pieces that are suitable for the work environment. So eventually, Glash has become the store where you can find everything you're looking for.

Stylish stuff at affordable prices

But surely everyone is interested in where the clothes came from, what the quality is and overall, what kind of service glash provides. Over the years we have come into contact with hundreds of manufacturers and so we have been able to choose only the best. We have built up a network of quality manufacturers from France, Italy, Poland and China. We stand behind the quality of every single product, and every single thing goes through an inspection so that it doesn't happen that customers are delivered damaged products. Customer satisfaction is key for glash.

What has changed over the years?

We have been operating on the fashion market since 2014 with minor changes. We have gone through many changes and obstacles that have always pushed us to do things better and differently. We have gone through internal and external changes. We have moved, remodeled our building and warehouses, rotated many photographers, models, and developed quality customer service. We share all of our successes with you on social media. Currently, our company consists of eight in-house employees and many freelancers who help us in each and every way.

In 2021, which was a breakthrough year for us, we went through radical changes. Before you may have known us as GlashGirl, the changes were not just a name change, but the entire direction of the company, which is captured in the slogan "We've grown from a girl to a grown woman". And that's why we are now able to offer you the best pieces from French and Italian brands. The e-shop has also undergone a complete change, we have switched to a new system that we are constantly improving and adapting to make shopping as easy as possible.

What are we planning?

There is a lot. You really have a lot to look forward to!

Your glash.